Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh Ya.... and....We're Pregnant!!!!

Okay, so remember all that talk of lots of new in our life as of late. Well, here's more news. We are pregnant. I am four months along, and feeling pretty good so far. I really can't complain. If all my pregnancies go this well, we might just have a few more :) So here is the status update:

Due Date: November 8 (A day before our 5th wedding anniversary)
Weight gain: 2 lbs so far.
Cravings: Pickles, Mustard, Corndogs, Bread, Fruit, and Yogurt
Sickness: The first three months I had a hard time making anything sound good to eat. I never want to eat at Mimi's Cafe again. But occasionally the above cravings sounded good. Poor Jeff. Everytime we went to eat, it took me at least an hour to find something that sounded good. Brushing my teeth was a gag fest, and I am always tired. But honestly, it has not been bad at all.
Belly: Starting to get a bump. Pants and shirts are fitting tighter. See below at 16 weeks (4 months)
Daddy To Be: Jeff is so excited and loves that my belly is getting fat. We will see if he feels the same way in 4 more months. He is going to be the best dad. I love watching this transformation of him turning into a dad. It's crazy/wierd. He aslo pampers me and takes care of my every need. Thanks for putting up with me honey.

We will be finding out what we are having in about a week and a half. I guess technically I could find out at fetal photos or some other gig like that right now. However, I am kind of the person who will never believe it until the Dr. tells me. So.. I will just wait until the Dr. tells me.

We finally told our families on Mother's Day. It was a big shocker to everyone. My mom was in denial. I still think she doesn't believe it. We have been telling everyone I was going to finish school first, but that really never was the plan. It was kind of fun to throw everyone off.

16 Weeks
 17 Weeks
18 Weeks
So with that, we have even more going on. I am hoping to be in our house by the time that the baby comes, but who knows. Its taken us almost two weeks just to get the land surveyed. I really hope that we can get it all done. But any way it works out will be just fine. So. There you have it. The secret is out. Ill keep you posted on the baby bump.

New Leaf

Blog posting is obviously not something that is easily maintained for me. I always make promises to post more often, and here we are one year later. There has been lots of new for us as of late. Jeff and I are in the process of building a home and are super excited to embark upon that new adventure. It's exciting, scary, and overwhelming all at once. Overwhelming considering the fact that I have not the slightest clue about building a new home. But hey, what better way to learn than to jump right in and DO IT! We had originally planned on getting preapproved at the end of April and just buying a home. During that time were were going to move in with Jeff's mom while we decided on a home. During the month of April we spent many days packing and organizing to prepare for the move. During that time, the opportunity came up to purchase some land from Jeff's grandma in Vineyard. With that, we decided that was where we wanted to make our home. And so, at the end of last month, we finished packing up and left our first little home.

Leaving this little place was not as easy as you would think. We have spent the last four and a half years of our life in this place. It was our first home and we moved in right when we got married. I had to take pictures so I could always remember what it looked like. I did this in hopes that I could always remember how I felt, and remember memories that were made. Here are some pics of our little home and some of our favorite memories there.

 Our first Christmas 1 month after we were married on Christmas Eve. Our tree was completly dead after we got home from a week in Disneyland. Hence... the saggy, sad looking branches. We went for a fake tree the next year.... As you can see below. I loved having a little tree in our little place.

Planting these tiny little boxes each year was so much fun. I was eagerly out there every day after work to see if our little seedlings had begun to sprout. Having a garden was so much fun.

 I asked Jeff to make the bed one day and he creatively arranged this pillows. He knows that I am anal about how the pillows are arranged, but this was so cute I had to take a picture.

                                 Our first harvest. Green beans. YUM!
                                   Robin Egg Fight! No one ever wins!

                                                        EASTER EGGS!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bountiful Temple with Kerri

Last week, Kerri, one of my best friends and old roomates was able to go through the temple and take out her endowments. It was such a good experience to be able to be with her on such a special day. Kerri and I have been with each other through thick and thin. She has always been such an amazing example to me, and I have been very blessed by the experiences that our friendship has enabled. We have had some crazy fun adventures, and I am glad that we can continue to have those adventures as life continues on.
The Bountiful Temple was beautiful. It was my first time there. It was so fun to be there with Kerri, old friends, and her family that all mean so much to me.

Here we are six years later as old roomates. I swear we have hundreds of pictures like this, and I swear we still look like we are nineteen years old. But.... we are not. Even though I know that we are getting older, I still feel like we are 18, and that just yesterday we were playing crazy games all through the night with all of our crazy friends. It is rare that we are all together like this, and that is another reason this was such a good day. Mandy is married with a baby in Logan. Kerri lives in Bountiful with her sweet little girl London, and I am obviously in Orem. These are rare sweet occasions.

This is Mandy, Klint, and Christine. Klint also lived by us when we were roomates. This is his cute wife Christine outside the temple.

This is Kerri and her daugher London after the temple session. London is getting so big, and so full of personality. Kerri is such an amazing mom. I amazed at her optimism and hard work. But I really shouldn't be too amazed, because I would never expect anything less from Kerri. I am eternally greatful for her example and friendship. I am thankful that Kerri let me be a part of this special day.


Jeff and I decided we were going to dye easter eggs this year. I am pretty sure that I haven't died easter eggs since I was a little girl. I know, it seems somewhat childish, but what do you do when you don't have kids. You act like kids, which is something Jeff and I are really good at.
As I plopped the colored tablets into the cups to fizz, the smell of vinegar immediatly took me back to my childhood. I remember as a little girl, my mom would always use the eggs to make a potato salad for Easter. The eggs in the salad would always be a vibrant green, blue, and red. We always had a colorful salad to say the least, but it was always so delicious.
There was also something else I realized. I have not changed much from my childhood. I was sure to keep the eggs soaking for as long as possible to ensure that the eggs reached thier full color potential. I would let them sit for hours as a kid. And you can only imagine that Jeff and I couldn't choke down 18 hard boiled eggs, so I too made a potato salad. It wasn't quite like my mom's. But at least I tried.

This is Jeff and I with some of our finished eggs. Below I am patiently waiting for the eggs to change color.

Jeff got extra creative with his egg dying. He made some awesome eggs. Dying Easter eggs was so much fun, and if you ever think you are too old to do so.... well... YOU AREN'T!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Girls Night, HAAAAY!

So last Monday we had planned a girls night. 2 for 1 pedicures at Marinello and sushi at Happy Sumo to follow. We had made all of our appointments and our plans for the evening were all set. ... Or so we thought. I got a call from Cass mid afternoon saying there could be a slight change in plans for the evening. Kevin, Cassidy's husband, scored sweet Jazz tickets for that night. So, instead we had girls night with Kev. He was nice enough to take us girls to the game. Again, sweet 16th row tickets center court. How could I not go. I have to admit, I should have felt bad, since techincally they were Jeff's friends first, and he has known them all since high school. But they are equally my friends too, now. It comes with the territory of marriage. So I did not allow myself to feel bad our guilty. Ha Ha. But I did leave poor Jeffy home all by himself. But girls night is girls night right???
Kevin was even so nice to buy us sushi to eat on our way down. We still got our sushi. A pretty fun girls night if you ask me :) Thanks Banks'!

Spring Break

So... typically when you think of Spring Break, you think of beaches, wild college raves, mtv, and swimsuits. Well, my spring break was the furthest thing from... to say the least. Most of my spring break consisted of relaxing at home, Jazz games, and hitting the slopes. Jeff and I were able to score some sweet lower bowl Jazz tickets during the week of spring break. We got a deal including four tickets so we talked Jeff's sister Teresa and nephew Brandon into going with us to the game. We were on the 17th row in the lower bowl. I have to admit they were really sweet tickets. We scored four free hot dogs with our tickets. There is nothing more delicous than a greasy hot dog at any sporting event. YUM! We topped it off with a giant Coke and a huge bowl of ice cream. Healthy, I know. What do you expect at a Jazz game??? We chose a good game to go to. The Jazz actually won and that is a strange comodity as of late. It has been a struggle these last few months. However, this was such a good game and the Jazzed played really well.
Here is Brando before the game. Love this kid.!
Jeff and I were able to get out of work early a day and hit the slopes up at Brighton. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and we were able to get a good a amount of runs in. We love snowboarding and we couldn't have asked for a better day. It's not your typical spring break activity, but its what we love and the best you can find this time of year in Utah. I love the fact that it can be spring in the valley and snow in the mountains. We get the best of both worlds here, that is for sure.
This is Jeff and I taking a little break. Don't we look cute with matted down hair and red faces. You have to love the way that snowboarding makes you look. It was a fun filled week and I was grateful for the much needed break from work and school.

Don't laugh. I look like an alien with my helmet and all my get up on.

Jackson's Baptism

I cannot believe my little Jackson is baptized. It seems like yesterday I was rushing to the hospital to see him. He is such a good lookin kid, especially in his little suit. This little guy is one of the most tender hearted little guys that you will ever meet. He carries a true spirit of love and kind heartedness. I am so happy to have him as my little buddy. I am so proud of him.
Here is Jackson with his parents on his big day. What a good picture. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family.