Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh Ya.... and....We're Pregnant!!!!

Okay, so remember all that talk of lots of new in our life as of late. Well, here's more news. We are pregnant. I am four months along, and feeling pretty good so far. I really can't complain. If all my pregnancies go this well, we might just have a few more :) So here is the status update:

Due Date: November 8 (A day before our 5th wedding anniversary)
Weight gain: 2 lbs so far.
Cravings: Pickles, Mustard, Corndogs, Bread, Fruit, and Yogurt
Sickness: The first three months I had a hard time making anything sound good to eat. I never want to eat at Mimi's Cafe again. But occasionally the above cravings sounded good. Poor Jeff. Everytime we went to eat, it took me at least an hour to find something that sounded good. Brushing my teeth was a gag fest, and I am always tired. But honestly, it has not been bad at all.
Belly: Starting to get a bump. Pants and shirts are fitting tighter. See below at 16 weeks (4 months)
Daddy To Be: Jeff is so excited and loves that my belly is getting fat. We will see if he feels the same way in 4 more months. He is going to be the best dad. I love watching this transformation of him turning into a dad. It's crazy/wierd. He aslo pampers me and takes care of my every need. Thanks for putting up with me honey.

We will be finding out what we are having in about a week and a half. I guess technically I could find out at fetal photos or some other gig like that right now. However, I am kind of the person who will never believe it until the Dr. tells me. So.. I will just wait until the Dr. tells me.

We finally told our families on Mother's Day. It was a big shocker to everyone. My mom was in denial. I still think she doesn't believe it. We have been telling everyone I was going to finish school first, but that really never was the plan. It was kind of fun to throw everyone off.

16 Weeks
 17 Weeks
18 Weeks
So with that, we have even more going on. I am hoping to be in our house by the time that the baby comes, but who knows. Its taken us almost two weeks just to get the land surveyed. I really hope that we can get it all done. But any way it works out will be just fine. So. There you have it. The secret is out. Ill keep you posted on the baby bump.


Kevin and Megan Rikli said...

YAYYY! CONGRATS! Being a mom is the most amazing thing in the world!

Ashley W. said...

How exciting! Brushing my teeth was the same way! I would gag everytime.

Cass said...

Love your teeny tiny belly!

Mandy said...

I'm so excited!! 'it' is going to be one cute baby!!! I'm guessing it' girl:) I don't know what I'm talking about though, I'm just excited! I love your cute, teenie, tiny, itsy, bitsy, little tummy!

Regan Housley Gray said...

I am so excited for you guys. You look amazing. Congrats!!!